Trailer for Hauling Garden Stuff

As I have said before that my husband is into gardening. He can't sit still at home without going to our garden and rearranging flower pots or planting. When we go to home store we always ended up bringing home a lot of garden stuff. I told him I may have check out website that sells trailer so I can get one for him. It can be used when hauling garden and landscape materials. We usually use our SUV but got tired of cleaning it up every time. So I guess having a trailer will be the answer to this predicament.


This past week we had a get together in our house with some of my co-nurses and neighbor. As always we got lots of food to partake. The kind of food that we always have when we have parties here at home and also the ones I used to back in my home country. The husbands too were very busy having a good time and the kids had fun at the pool.

I always love having people around the house have good eats. This is why even though I am trying so hard to lose weight, my weight keep plateauing. I always tell myself to go on a diet after the party :-)


Losing Weight This Winter

As a health care professional I am aware of how living a not healthy lifestyle can affect our overall health. I have seen different cases while being in the hospital for many years of working. Every time I see patient I also think about my own health. I am not getting any younger and I need to step up my game in making sure I live a healthy lifestyle as well as my family. After having three children I have a hard time losing some pounds. My weight is fluctuating throughout since and there were plenty of times I tried to do some diet and exercise regimen, but I can't seem to get down to my desired weight.

This winter I have been trying my best to eat healthy. I started my morning with breakfast smoothie and that helps me to curtail my cravings throughout the day. Back then, I even check out here for weight loss supplements. I am thinking of starting taking supplements aside from having my new diet regimen. I am still thinking about it now but I haven't talked to my provider yet if it would be okay to take such.

For now, I will continue with my smoothie in the morning diet and portion control. I know if I continue this regimen I will get a good result. I just need more motivation to get me going. Good thing I have good motivation now through my kids. I want to be healthy not only for myself but for my loved ones too, especially for my kids.


Bonding Time with My Cousin

Another bonding time with my cousin and her husband this past week. She don't have work and I have my off duty so we decided to roam around the city. The weather was overcast but it wasn't that very cold so we had a great time walking around while the kids are in school. It's a good thing to have family around as it also lessen the homesickness I feel from the rest of my family. Having to live abroad for over a decade doesn't mean I don't feel homesickness of my good ole home country and province. For the time being, bonding with family members living close to us here is really a blessing.


Stage Effect During Live Concert

As I've mentioned previously that I watched Pink's concert here in Brisbane last month. It was really a dream come true. I was mesmerized not only the artist itself but also how they did the stage effect and the performance of the artist. The lighting of the stage really give a big impact on the overall stage presence. The I thought the dj lights at musicians friend was being used but who knows? Anyways, I am hoping I get to see more of Pink's concerts in the future as well as other artists who are coming here in our place.